CorMatrix Cardiovascular has obtained the US patent for an augmented injectable extracellular matrix (ECM) bioscaffold, which induces stem cell proliferation and differentiation of stem cells into cardiomyocytes, and, thereby, angiogenesis and remodeling of cardiovascular tissue.

The US patent ‘8,568,761’ is based on one of multiple pending US applications with claims directed toward ECM bioscaffolds that are augmented with a variety of bioactive components, such as TGF-2, TGF-ß and DNA.

The allowance of this patent broadens the already established IP file held by CorMatrix for cardiac tissue repair and heart failure treatments.

CorMatrix chairman and CEO David B. Camp said the issuance of US patent no. 8,568,761 is a significant milestone in the company’s patent prosecution efforts.

"Having a priority date of 2005 establishes CorMatrix as the leader in the field of cardiovascular regenerative medicine," B. Camp added.

In addition to the Extracellular Matrix platform of devices already on the market in both the US and Europe, the company plans to initiate patient safety trials for heart failure in Europe Q1 of 2014 with its proprietary formula and device for application of the ECM.