Corgenix Medical, a worldwide developer and marketer of diagnostic test kits, has announced a technology transfer and product development agreement with Mellitus.

Mellitus is a private company that is developing a novel in vitro diagnostic test with potential clinical utility for diabetes. The test is based on the measurement of Glycated CD59 (GCD59.)

Under terms of the agreement, Corgenix will develop a test kit to measure GCD59 for Mellitus’ U.S. and European Union commercialization programs. Mellitus’ lead product candidate is a test for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM). GDM is a major cause of peri- and post-natal complications for mothers and babies.

"We’re pleased to be working with Mellitus on this groundbreaking project," said Douglass Simpson, Corgenix President and CEO. "This allows us to further demonstrate our capabilities in working with industry partners to establish successful strategic alliances in support of clinical research and product commercialization."

"Mellitus is dedicated to bringing the GCD59 Test to market. We believe that Corgenix’ in vitro diagnostic development expertise, quality management system and skilled team will make a very important contribution to the development and success of the Mellitus GCD59 in vitro diagnostic test," said Joyce A. Lonergan, Mellitus CEO and co-founder.