Virginia-based sports technology firm CoreSyte has been named as the exclusive worldwide athletics partner for Eccrine Systems, the advanced sweat sensor company based in Cincinnati.

Formed in late 2013, Eccrine Systems is developing non-invasive, disposable, electronic patches that measure and transmit real-time data about human sweat. Sweat derived from eccrine glands in human skin contains valuable information about physiological performance and dysfunction. Importantly, sweat data can be captured discreetly and non-invasively. Captured data can be transmitted securely in real-time to remote systems where the relationship among measured sweat molecules can be automatically integrated with other biometric data and interpreted as to its physiological relevance. Results can then be translated into alerts, actions, and reports.

The Eccrine sweat sensing technology is based on innovative research and intellectual property that originated from the University of Cincinnati and Air Force Research Labs at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

"Our short term goal is to dramatically reduce the occurrence of heat-related issues for athletes as they affect both safety and performance," says CoreSyte President Scott Ackerman. "Long-term we believe we can create a ‘human dashboard’ that will allow athletes at all levels to see what’s going on inside."

Ackerman continues, "Our bodies broadcast all sorts of warnings and indicators that signal declined performance, muscle cramps, and a laundry list of other issues that result from dehydration. Our slogan is ‘Know More – Do Better.’ We believe a day is coming when an auto racing team will know as much about the condition of the driver as they do the condition of the car."

Eccrine’s ability to translate sweat data with accuracy and chronological assurance will enable a true paradigm shift in the monitoring of human physiological performance and dysfunction across a wide spectrum of high value applications for medicine, industry, and sport. Eccrine collaborates with capable downstream partners who have deep understanding of those vertical application opportunities, enabling the broadest translation of its foundational technology and IP portfolio into market leading products and solutions.

Eccrine’s focus is on higher end, specialized B2B and B2G, markets that demand scientifically proven data accuracy and validity. In addition, Eccrine is intentionally positioned as an embedded technology brand within its partner’s products. The CoreSyte/Eccrine channel is primarily focused on elite athletes, which is well aligned with Eccrine’s positioning. The agreement allows CoreSyte to market and sell the sweat sensors to the sports and fitness market.

"CoreSyte is ideally aligned with our focus on high end technology capabilities," states Keith Grimes, Eccrine’s CEO. "We are very impressed with the level of expertise they bring to the athletics market and its growing demand for safety and advanced performance monitoring. We look forward to helping empower the success of their products and overall market positioning."