Cordis, a Johnson & Johnson company, has entered into a distribution agreement with Ostial Solutions for the worldwide distribution of the Ostial Pro stent positioning system.

The Ostial Pro is the aorto-ostial stent positioning system for coronary and peripheral applications and is intended to optimise the treatment of patients who require a stent implantation for treatment for aorto-ostial blockages.

The Ostial Pro is FDA cleared, and is currently being sold only in the US by Ostial Solutions.

Cordis plans to assume worldwide distribution of the Ostial Pro in the first half of 2011.

Cordis Research and Development global head and chief scientific officer Campbell Rogers said that Ostial Pro is a simple solution to a principal challenge of aorto-ostial stent positioning by providing visual and tactile identification of the true ostium.

"The Ostial Pro facilitates precise stent implantation of aorto-ostial stents by identifying the true ostium. This can help make precise stent placement easier, safer, and more predictable," Rogers said.

"This technology may reduce the need for additional stents and may reduce the risk of having to perform another intervention for restenosis. Based on these benefits, this simple device should become a standard element of aorto-ostial stenting."