NavAlign, available for the Cook Celect and Gunther Tulip filters, incorporates a hemostasis valve to minimise blood loss. With an accompanying multipurpose dilator, radiopaque sizing marker bands and flushing sideports to decrease fluoroscopy time and contrast medium amounts, the NavAlign system is ideal for physicians using image guidance to place IVC filters to protect patients from PE, a life-threatening condition that can kill one out of three individuals if left untreated.

Mark Breedlove, director of peripheral intervention strategic technology at Cook Medical, said: “PE is responsible for many deaths every year. Currently, it demands more advanced and effective prevention options to improve patient outcomes. Cook has been perfecting its IVC filter platforms for the last three decades and with the introduction of NavAlign, we hope to advance our pedigree in this area. Through continued commitment to innovation, we will encourage more physicians to adopt our platforms and procedural products to reduce the risk of recurrent PE.

“Our efforts to prevent PE span the entire scope of the procedure, from accessing the vessel with our introducer sets and needles to targeting the location of the filter with our catheters and wire guides to successfully preventing the incident with retrievable or permanent filters.”