Cook Medical, a global medical device manufacturer, has partnered with Bedal International, a company specializing in catheter securement devices marketed under the brand FlexGRIP®. FlexGRIP devices are now available as an addition to Cook’s comprehensive portfolio of percutaneous drainage products to improve patient comfort and experience during treatment.

As a result of the collaboration, FlexGRIP catheter securement devices are now available to Cook customers in Europe, Canada and the United States. Using this well-established device helps reduce the risk of dislodgement, infection and kinking of the catheter. Bedal’s proprietary air-pillow technology ensures highly secure catheter stabilization in addition to comfort and ease of use and allows the patient more freedom of movement.

Alexander Van Damme, CEO of Bedal International, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Cook Medical to bring the FlexGRIP catheter securement device worldwide. This collaboration represents a synergistic union of expertise, innovation, and commitment to advancing medical solutions.”

“When patients are treated with Cook catheters, we think about the patient’s whole experience. That means not just the outcome—it also means we think about how comfortable the patient is during treatment,” said Remco Van der Meel, director of product management for Cook’s Interventional specialty. “The FlexGRIP device is the perfect complement to Cook’s comprehensive portfolio of percutaneous drainage products. This well-designed and secure fixation device will help promote better outcomes and improve patient experiences, and we’re excited to have this product as an option available to all Cook customers who are using our percutaneous drainage products.”