Cook Medical is set to introduce its Zenith Low Profile AAA Endovascular Graft (Zenith AAA LP) in Canada following the approval.

The Zenith AAA LP is a low-profile delivery system with a diameter of 18 Fr and is used for the precise delivery of the graft to the desired position in the patient’s aorta.

The new stent-graft is based on the company’s ARC Technology, which combines a series of barbs that engage the aortic wall to provide active fixation, radial force from self-expanding z-stents for stability and optimal graft-to-vessel apposition, and a long main body with columnar strength.

The Zenith AAA LP also has the capability to access the femoral artery, without the need for a surgical cut-down, by introducing both the wire guide and delivery sheath by a needle inserted into the blood vessel through the skin.

McGill University and Jewish General Hospital vascular and endovascular surgeon Cherrie Abrahamand said the Zenith LP graft’s low profile system expands the patient population eligible for endovascular aneurysm repair, enabling them to treat patients with small access vessels who might otherwise have to have a conduit procedure for endovascular access.