US-based medical device company Cook Medical has introduced new Perc NGage and Perc NCompass nitinol stone extractors.

The two extractors have been developed specifically to remove stones and stone fragments when physicians are removing kidney stones percutaneously.

Indicated for ureteroscopic stone removal procedures, the extractors design mimics the original NGage and NCompass, noted Cook Medical.

The different wire configurations of each extractor are useful in various scenarios, as every kidney stone is different and method for extraction varies from stone to stone.

Cook Medical urology division global leader and vice-president Jean-Marc said: "These products were developed for physicians who needed, in PCNL procedures, the same options that they currently have with our ureteroscopy extractors.

"We are pleased to be able to meet that product need and fill out our percutaneous extraction offering. Now physicians can apply the technology they master to an additional procedure."

The new products are available in global markets where FDA clearance and CE mark are accepted, according to Cook Medical.

The company said that the latest products complement the Perc NCircle, which has been on the market since 2002. It is the first nitinol extraction device for percutaneous procedures.