US medical device firm Cook Medical has introduced a new two-in-one wire guide for urologists.

The Motion Hybrid Wire Guide aggregates nitinol access wire guide and Teflon fixed core wire guide in a single device.

It will enable urologists to use two different types of wire guides, including access wire guide and safety wire guide, in a single procedure.

The new wire guide will help clinicians to streamline their procedures by reducing multiple wire guide exchanges during a procedure.

It will offer access and control during a procedure with one wire. Its kink-resistant nitinol core and flexible nitinol tip with hydrophilic coating will allow to place wire guide to establish access.

According to the company, the new wire guide’s body is Teflon-coated and constructed with tightly-wound stainless steel to allow passage of instruments and provide control during the procedure.

Cook Medical urology division global leader and vice president Jean-Marc Creissel said: “We are eager to introduce this product to urologists to simplify their procedures by offering them the option to use one hybrid wire guide in place of two wire guides.

“Additionally, inventory could be consolidated in certain cases because it is no longer necessary to stock both an access wire guide and a safety wire guide.”

Image: Cook Medical’s Motion hybrid wire guide. Photo: courtesy of Cook Medical.