Cook Medical has introduced endogo HD Portable Endoscopic Imaging System to share images instantly with patients and colleagues.

The endogo HD is compatible with both flexible and rigid endoscopes, transforming the captured images and video from analog to digital.

The camera also has built-in light source optimization for high-quality imaging and a 3.5 inch removable LCD touch-screen (eGo) for multimedia playback.

The endogo HD has the ability to store, capture and share endoscopic images, which aid physicians to share and review exam findings with the patient or family immediately following the exam, at the patient’s bedside.

The portable system combinates data acquisition, storage, management and the synchronization of patient folders in a Web application which can send an image or video over a secured connection to a referring doctor outside the facility.

The endogo HD is also benificial with eGoWorks, the online data storage and collaborative software, which allows the data acquired with the portable camera to be used within EMR systems.

Cook Urology business unit leader Jean-Marc Creissel said the benefits around care, ease of use and potential cost savings are significant because this technology streamlines how physicians interact with each other, their patients and external facilities.