Cook Medical has introduced a disposable 25 gage EchoTip ProCore needle for the diagnosis for pancreatic malignancies.

The new 25 gage ProCore needle is designed to obtain both cytological and histological samples from lesions of submucosa, mediastinum, lymph nodes as well as intraperitoneal masses.

The core trap at the tip of the needle receives the tissue sample, while the reverse bevel promotes the collection of core sample by shearing material from the target lesion during retrograde movement of the needle.

Cook said the 25 gage biopsy needle enabled a single-pass diagnosis of 88% in suspected tumors of the pancreas.

H.H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center executive director Kenneth Chang said by using 25 gage EchoTip ProCore needle, physicians are able to obtain histological and cytological samples on a single-pass or limited-pass basis.

"Since the single-pass yield is so high with the 25 gage ProCore, the needle streamlines the EUS procedure for physicians and may require fewer patients to return to their doctors for further sampling," Chang added.