Flexi-Seal FMS is indicated for patients with little or no bowel control and liquid or semi-liquid stool, and can be used for up to 29 consecutive days.

The nurse-inspired enhancements from the Flexi-Seal FMS family of fecal management systems include a sampling port, a medication delivery process and an extended catheter.

The sampling port is designed for safe stool collection and to help reduce risk of exposure to infectious stool, while the medication delivery process enables prescribed medication rectally via the irrigation port.

The extended catheter can adapt to a range of bed sizes and accommodate a variety of patient heights and weights, according to the company.

A 42-patient clinical study evaluated the safety and performance of Flexi-Seal FMS in subjects with liquid or semi-liquid diarrhoea and incontinence.

The study data reported that Flexi-Seal FMS improved faecal incontinence control, was efficacious, and time efficient in 83% of caregivers. 92% of patients had their skin condition maintained or improved.

Healthy rectal mucosa was observed in patients who had baseline and follow-up endoscopy, after using Flexi-Seal FMS.