ConvaTec, a leading global medical products and technologies company, launched the GentleCath Pro Closed-System Intermittent Catheter. GentleCath Pro features a collection bag and GentleCath Introducer Tip, which enables "no-touch" catheterization to help minimize the risk of infection while providing the convenience to use the catheter where and when it is needed.

Simultaneously, ConvaTec launched the GentleCath Insertion Kit, which includes all necessary catheter insertion supplies required by users to perform sterile technique intermittent catheterization.

Intermittent catheter users are at increased risk of urinary tract infection caused by bacteria in the urine, which can come from the hands of a user touching the catheter prior to insertion. The "no-touch" nature of GentleCath Pro Closed-System minimizes the risk of infection for patients who self-catheterize by helping to prevent the transfer of bacteria.

The GentleCath™ Pro Closed-System’s collection bag allows the user to measure and monitor the amount of fluid drained, or simply to catheterize when a bathroom or toilet is not available or easily accessible. The Introducer Tip is designed to be inserted into the urethra and allow the catheter to pass through, helping it to avoid contact with bacteria that may build up at the entrance to the urethra.

The GentleCath Insertion Kit includes an underpad, exam gloves, collection bag, non-staining antiseptic pad and lubricating jelly. This range of insertion supplies is designed to be used standalone or in combination to allow users to perform sterile technique intermittent catheterization in the way that works best for them.

"This joint launch adds to the extensive portfolio of GentleCath™ intermittent catheters, which now includes uncoated, red rubber, hydrophilic and closed-system catheters – all available with both straight and coude tip options." said Mads Haugaard, Vice President and General Manager, Continence and Critical Care.

"We now provide a GentleCath™ product range that caters to all intermittent catheter users, helping them to minimize infection and delivering a comfortable insertion and removal experience."

Currently, the GentleCath Pro Closed-System Intermittent Catheter is available in the U.S. only.