The company has designed a new version of the latest image enhancement software, US PLUSView, for the digital signal processor.

The image enhancement software has been optimized by the company for implementation into the small and cost-effective digital signal processor.

ContextVision has focused on developing the product that will achieve more functionality despite constraints of the processor.

ContextVision CEO Anita Tollstadius noted the company is pleased to release another product for the mid-end segment.

"The continued growth of our ultrasound family demonstrates the flexibility of our latest technology. We are focusing our product development on growing segments and therefore expect solutions for the DSP platform to become important over the coming years.

"The excellent performance of this product is a result of our skilled engineers designing and applying innovative methods," Tollstadius added.

Digital signal processors are microprocessors that will manage digital signal and image processing tasks.

These processors provide a smaller, lower-cost solution, with low latency and they do not require specialized cooling or large batteries.