The iDuo G2 provides a less invasive alternative to total knee replacement for patients suffering from disease in the medial (inner) or lateral (outer) compartment of the knee, along with the patellofemoral joint (the area behind the kneecap).

The iDuo G2 enables appropriately selected patients to preserve all of their ligaments and far more bone than a traditional total knee replacement, by targeting just the diseased portions of the joint.

The iDuo G2 provides physicians and patients with benefits including an engineered patellofemoral joint to correct deformity, a wear optimized implant design, and improved surgical instrumentation and iView planning images for an efficient surgical technique, ConforMIS said.

ConforMIS CEO Philipp Lang said that with the introduction of the iDuo G2, they have incorporated implant innovations and instrument enhancements into both our iUni and iDuo product lines.

“While the rest of the industry is focused on patient-specific instruments, ConforMIS continues to break ground on patient-specific approaches to not just the instruments, but also the implants which ultimately create the potential for greater bone preservation, less traumatic surgery, and more natural kinematics,” Lang said.