Product innovators Chris and Sonia Hillios at ConfiDisc Medical have been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) pertaining to their new syringe injection system, ConfiDisc.

The patent covers the innovator’s syringe injection system, which enables users to achieve the correct angle and depth of subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.

The ConfiDisc syringe injection system, developed for insulin and like medications, can be utilised in both home healthcare and professional medical settings and acts as an aid for injecting by syringe or pen needle with added stability in both filling the syringe and during injection.

ConfiDisc has many benefits like reducing pain perception and injection anxiety, enabling users access to a larger range of injection sites, allowing better injection rotation and as a new hypodermic syringe, ConfiDisc can deter illegal intravenous drug use as it prevents injecting into a vein or artery.

The patent rewards the innovator’s efforts to bring new technologies to the healthcare market and grants ConfiDisc intellectual property to the core functionality of its syringe injection system.

The patent provides further security to ConfiDisc’s embodiments, which are recognised by the Federal Government.

ConfiDisc Medical product developer Chris Hillios said that they believe that their syringe injection system will benefit all patients requiring daily injections and provides users the confidence they need and the comfort they deserve and ConfiDisc is the next generation of syringe.