ConfiDisc has launched US patented anti-illegal drug syringe, an integral part of its ConfiDisc syringe injection system, that can be attached to the hub of a syringe device and acts as a physical barrier.

ConfiDisc said that the disc restricts the view of the user and disallows the proper injection angle needed for intravenous injection and is virtually impossible to inject at the necessary angle since the disc’s edge contacts the skin’s surface before the needle.

ConfiDisc injection system manufactured with an RFID is easily identifiable and tracked from manufacture to disposal and has the capability to go through clothing and penetrate soft tissue, becoming lethal.

The disc not only makes more convenient, but controls the depth of injection due to its radius and surface area and may be fitted to any existing syringe during, or after, manufacture, the company said.

ConfiDisc chief innovator Chris Hillios said that the ConfiDisc injection system will help make the lives of those who face daily injections a little easier, all while being an effective tool in the war on illicit drug use.