CompuMed, a telemedicine and medical informatics company, has entered into an agreement with the San Diego Unified School District’s Lincoln High School Learning Centers to provide company's CardioGramKids electrocardiogram (ECG) telemedicine technologies and services to the four schools that comprise the Lincoln High Learning Centers, the Lincoln High Schools of Public Safety, Science & Engineering, Arts and Social Justice.

CompuMed’s CardioGramKids Pediatric Screening Program was designed in tandem with pediatricians and other healthcare providers nationally to provide ECG screening services to children and teenagers prior to taking psychotropic medications or participating in school or afterschool sports programs.

CompuMed provides Lincoln High’s health center with the company’s CardioGramKids ECG equipment and with over-reads performed remotely by company’s pediatric cardiologists.

Lincoln High’s educational structure is complemented by an inventive set of community outreach programs that bring parents and educators together to proactively support the physical and mental health of the students.

David Frisch, lead cardiologist at CompuMed, said: “By using CompuMed’s ECG telemedicine technology, Lincoln High School Learning Centers can provide students and parents with diagnostic information that might prevent acute or long-term cardiac problems and save lives.

“With the launch of its school health center program, CompuMed continues to play a leading role in offering ECG telemedicine in a wide variety of healthcare settings both practical and compelling.”

Maurizio Vecchione, CEO of CompuMed, said: “We are pleased to be working with the Lincoln High School Learning Centers to enhance the delivery of preventive medicine to students in Southern California.

“We share Lincoln High’s preventive healthcare vision and see early cardiovascular screening as a critical step in determining cardiac risk factors in children, particularly in young athletes who are trained by sports leadership at Lincoln High.”