CGM Endeavor built on the foundation of CGM LABDAQ LIS facilitates direct connectivity to providers, streamlines processes, improves business metrics, and offers reference laboratories a highly scalable platform.

CGM Endeavor system’s flexibility contributes to laboratory efficiency and provides additional functionalities.

Quality control tools, web-based outreach, customer service management, organizational intelligence, high throughput workflows for production facilitated by CGM Endeavor empowers staff to focus on key areas for the laboratory’s growth.

Essential functions of CGM Endeavor include improved pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic processes for reduced turnaround time and fewer errors.

CompuGroup Medical US laboratory division president Jim Kasoff noted CGM Endeavor was developed for reference laboratories that seek to grow their client base.

"We are excited to offer tools to both monitor and improve workflow, while enabling real-time interaction with providers," Kasoff added.

CompuGroup Medical has installed its products in more than 2,800 laboratories worldwide.