CompositeSmart has released a new SmartView sectional matrix system to reduce tear and eliminate spring-offs mid procedure which traditional sectional matrix systems offer.

By using a retainer, the SmartView system twists evenly at the gingival margin and the forces produced by the system are directed perpendicular to the tooth and down.

The company said to make easier to identify on an instrument tray, the matrix systems are made of titanium and tinted blue.

CompositeSmart founder and CEO John Boos said the new system offers a real solution to dentists who are facing problems with traditional sectional matrix systems.

"Matrix band tabs would tear during removal," Boos added.

"Planer or flat matrix rings had a tendency of springing off mid procedure, were hard to open and deformed after a short period of time.

"Plastic reinforcement and nickel titanium had been used to help mitigate some of these issues but the root cause was never addressed."