EHR and PM, which are offered via the Unified Desktop, increase speed, boost revenue, free physicians’ time, and heighten patient care and satisfaction, claims technology and services company SRS.

Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers CEO JoAnn Reis said, "Our interest in the SRS EHR was immediate once we saw the specialty-physician focused technology, and it was confirmed by visits to two SRS clients who were using the SRS EHR to increase their productivity. "

Commonwealth Orthopaedic Centers orthopedic Surgeon Matthew Grunkemeyer said the center wanted an EHR solution that would meet the needs of all of its physicians.

"With the SRS EHR, our physicians continue to practice as they did before, efficiently capture the data required for meaningful use, and easily maintain their high-volume patient schedules without having to click their way through patient encounters," Grunkemeyer added.