Collain Healthcare, an LG CNS Company, has introduced a new version of its telemedicine technology entry, Interactive Virtual Care Team (IVCT).

Developed to unite the entire care team, the IVCT aggregates comprehensive telehealth, remote patient monitoring, medication management and clinical decision support within a single platform.

Collain Healthcare CEO Dr Maryan said: "When we look at the wide range of post-acute settings, from aging in place at home to nursing homes and to end-of-life and hospice, there is tremendous need for a fully integrated and comprehensive solution across the continuum of care."

The IVCT has been designed for the evolving value-based era, exemplified by ACOs, managed care and bundled payment initiatives.

The new platform, which recently received FDA Class II approval, will serve the long term and post-acute care market.

It is said to meet the needs of large population health initiatives and helps in the adoption of payment reform advancements such as chronic care management and remote monitoring.

Collain Healthcare chief strategy officer Robert Choi said: "Our platform delivers not only a longitudinal patient record, but more importantly, it unifies and leverages the power of distributed care teams of informal caregivers, family members, physicians and other providers."