CollabRx, a data analytics company, has announced that its newest Therapy Finder for breast cancer patients will be made available in connection with the Cynvenio ClearID breast cancer genomic blood test.

This announcement extends the scope of a previously disclosed multi-year agreement which announced the pairing of the CollabRx Genetic Variant Annotation (GVA) Service with tumor mutation profiling from whole blood provided by Cynvenio.

Patients of physicians who order the Cynvenio ClearID breast cancer genomic blood test will receive an annual subscription to a customized version of the CollabRx Therapy Finder app for breast cancer. The ClearID test supports the proactive monitoring of breast cancer survivors at high risk of recurrence, such as triple-negative patients (ER-, PR-, HER2-).

CollabRx’s breast cancer Therapy Finder app is a web-based decision support tool that enables patients (and their physicians) to take into account the molecular aspects of a metastatic breast cancer tumor when determining a treatment plan.

Therapy Finder provides for a dynamic user environment to navigate and understand both the current standard of care as well as cutting edge experimental therapy options with the goal of enabling patients to receive the best possible care.

The subscription will include access to news and information to provide patient oriented educational material on advances in breast cancer medical and scientific research, risk factors for recurrence, monitoring, and early detection.

The breast cancer Therapy Finder is kept dynamically up-to-date and curated by CollabRx medical and scientific personnel with the support of an editorial board composed of independent breast cancer clinical experts.

It is the most recent electronic decision support app released by CollabRx, is first such app developed specifically for a patient user, and complements existing Therapy Finders for lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and melanoma.

"This collaboration will provide breast cancer patients, survivors and their families with two powerful tools in one test," said Andre de Fusco, CEO of Cynvenio. "The ClearID Breast Cancer test offers genomic insights from a standard blood draw analyzed by next gen sequencing. By pairing ClearID with the CollabRx Therapy Finder we can now take into account an individual patient’s molecular (tumor) data when offering the latest insights into breast cancer treatments. This is a milestone in our efforts to develop a new standard for individualized breast cancer monitoring."

CollabRx chairman president and CEO Thomas Mika noted the CollabRx Therapy Finder for breast cancer provides patients with an up-to-date and easily accessible tool to navigate therapy considerations that incorporate molecular data and also receive curated news that pertains to their disease.

"We are excited to collaborate with Cynvenio on its introduction with the goal of providing metastatic breast cancer patients with an easy to use tool to aid in treatment planning by contexualizing the state of scientific and medical research backed by sound science," Mika added.

The partnership with Cynvenio represents another proof point in CollabRx’s strategy to commercialize multiple newly developed products and services in 2014. This new commercial development attests to the growing adoption of CollabRx technology and interpretive analytics in top-tier laboratories worldwide as a standard aspect of interpretive medical informatics solutions in cancer and other diseases.