Code4Armour has unveiled a life-saving battery-free and shock and water resistant alert band at The Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs (OAPC) Conference in London, Ontario.

The Markham-based health technology company also announced its plans to launch a crowdfunding pre-sales campaign on Indiegogo beginning September 30. The alert band and app will be in the market November 2014.

At today’s launch, Code4Armour Chief Evangelist & Founder: Mark Litman, demonstrated how the alert service communicates vital personal health information to first responders in seconds in the event of an emergency.

The device is used in conjunction with a free Code4Armour app available to anyone to download. Registered First Responders, trained by Code4Armour, can access private information to assist them in saving lives.

"Code4Armour was developed by a paramedic for paramedics and other first responders," said Mark "We’ve been working with the 52 EMS services across Ontario implementing pilot programs with a goal to have every service in Ontario utilizing Code4Armour by the end of the year. Those first minutes at an emergency scene are vital and that’s where Code4Armour steps in – it literally speaks when the patient can’t."

Code4Armour has been test marketed across numerous audiences with overwhelming support from associations who care for people with special medical needs. The Code4Armour alert service has already been well-received by leaders at various health associations including: The United Way, Heart and Stroke, Autism, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, retirement homes and private medical providers.

"The Code4Armour solution is on a playing field of its own; it’s the only alert system with the capability to deliver vital health information in seconds and hands-free via our patent pending VitalSpeak text-to-speech engine", said Justin Phillips, President and Co-Founder.

"The associations we are talking to are quite frankly relieved when they see the Code4Armour solution in action often communicating to us that it’s exactly what they’ve been hoping for."