Cochlear, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, announced the launch of the Communication Corner for their North America region (US and Canada).

Communication Corner is a web-based learning program designed to improve communication for people with hearing loss by providing materials and activities specific to each person’s needs and level of function.

From early listening skills to more effective everyday conversations, the Communication Corner supports the needs of children, parents and adults with hearing loss, as well as the professionals who serve them.

Whether you use hearing aids, a bone conduction device, or a cochlear implant system, the Communication Corner includes a range of training opportunities, online and printable resources, and practice tools developed specifically for each age group.

"Imagine a world where you no longer need to know what communication tools are available and how to match them to your needs," said Andrew Kendrick, Global Rehabilitation Manager, Cochlear Limited.

"Well, that world is now here with the Communication Corner. All it takes is completing a short, easy assessment and you will automatically be taken to the appropriate resources and will be given a recommended starting point."

Using targeted segmentation geared towards young children and families, school age children, tweens, teens, adults, and Spanish speakers, the Communication Corner helps tailor learning programs to any age and communication level:

Sound Foundation for Babies and Toddlers – provides guidance in developing your child’s spoken language through listening both before and after receiving a hearing device.

LEAPing on with Language for School Age Children – provides practical strategies that aim to accelerate your child’s spoken language learning beyond simple sentences to more complex and abstract language.

Telephone with Confidence – allows you to practice using the phone by calling a toll-free number with rotating word lists and phrases while you follow along online.

HOPE Notes – helps you improve music perception and appreciation

Improving Understanding with Communication Strategies – helps you assess different communication styles and use strategies to improve understanding in a variety of listening situations.