CML HealthCare, a provider of laboratory testing services, has named Thomas Wellner as the company's new cheif executive officer (CEO).

Wellner served as president and general manager (GM) of Lilly Deutschland from 2004 to 2007, where he had approximately 1200 employees and sales of some $800m.

Tom has been involved in a number of early stage biopharmaceutical companies in Toronto,Canada and from 2008 to 2011, he served as president and CEO of Therapure Biopharma, Mississauga.

CML HealthCare Board chairman Patrice Merrin said the view his marketing expertise, business development and industry knowledge as highly complementary to CML’s community laboratory and diagnostic imaging services.

"We look forward to Tom’s leadership in building a robust future grounded in our historic strengths of quality, efficiency and profitability while capitalizing on opportunities for innovation in the dynamic healthcare and health science environment," Merrin said.