Clinical Laserthermia Systems develops and sells the TRANBERG |Thermal Therapy System including specially designed sterile disposable products


CLS and Advanced Medical Systems form joint venture cooperation. (Credit: bertholdbrodersen from Pixabay.)

Clinical Laserthermia Systems AB (publ) (CLS), developer of innovative image-guided laser ablation technology for minimally invasive soft tissue and cancer tumor treatment, and Advanced Medical Systems Pte Ltd (AMS), a high-end provider of medical devices, systems, and services for the Asia-Pacific region. The companies have entered into a collaborative agreement where the parties through a joint venture company, Clinical Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., will launch the TRANBERG® Thermal Therapy System and imILT® treatment protocol in the rapidly growing Asia-Pacific market. The first step is to initiate the regulatory processes and market preparations needed in order to successfully launch CLS’ products and therapy in the region.

“Clinical Asia Pacific is ready to start its operation in Singapore and service our business in this dynamic region. One of the key reasons for establishing a presence here is that Singapore is one of Asia’s most important hubs for clinical research and development. I’m looking forward to working together with AMS and introducing the TRANBERG products for image-guided laser ablation treatment to healthcare providers and physicians – starting in Singapore, and expanding from there,” says Lars-Erik Eriksson, CEO of CLS.

“We are enthusiastic about our relationship with CLS and look forward to working with CLS’s products and therapy in the Asia-Pacific region. The AMS’ product portfolio, “Advanced Diagnostics & Minimally Invasive Therapy Systems and Services,” truly compliment and promote the TRANBERG-system for imILT protocol and for FLA/LITT procedures. AMS has built its 25+ years’ reputation on innovative, minimally invasive therapies, and this is exactly where the fit between AMS & CLS is. The TRANBERG products offer some unique clinical value that can be professionally presented to customers in the APAC region,” says Romesh Kaul, President & CEO of AMS.

AMS is an Asian Pacific enterprise, headquartered in Singapore, founded in 1988 with strategic engagements in the SEA and India. The Company is well positioned with healthcare practice intelligence and emerging market access. Since its inception, AMS is well known for having successfully introduced many ground breaking technologies, for use in cancer treatment as well as in neurosurgery, from leading suppliers in the world.

CLS markets and sells the TRANBERG® | Thermal Therapy System for high-precision, image-guided laser ablation treatment in the EU targeting prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain tumors, and epilepsy, and in the USA for prostate treatment. The system is optimized for treatment with CLS’ proprietary imILT protocol, with the potential to stimulate the immune system. Image guided means that the physician uses magnetic resonance images (MRI) or ultrasound (US) images, for example, to identify targets, guide placement of instruments, and monitor tissue during the ablation procedure.

The health care market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to show continued growth during the years to come. According to, a 7.2 % growth during 2019 was predicted reaching a total value of $486.72 billion. The Singapore healthcare market alone is expected to grow to $29.8 billion in 2020, 9 per cent more than last year’s $27.3 billion, according to a report published on March 13, 2020 by market insights firm Fitch Solutions. According to the report the market will more than double to $68.7 billion by 2029.

CLS Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. is a joint venture where CLS owns 50 % of the shares and AMS 50 % of the shares.

Source: Company Press Release