Clinical Data, Inc. (Clinical Data) announced that its division PGxHealth has executed a contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA). This contract will provide individual Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies with access to the FAMILION Long QT Syndrome (LQTS) genetic tests for inherited cardiac syndromes.

Each of the 39 separate Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies, acting independently, now has the opportunity to enter into an ancillary contract to access FAMILION LQTS tests for its members, as each Blue company may deem fit. The FAMILION LQTS tests are used to detect an inherited form of cardiac disease, Long QT Syndrome. By detecting genetic mutations in certain individuals and their families, when medically necessary, the FAMILION LQTS tests can help to guide treatment decisions and may prevent possible sudden cardiac death.

“This contract represents a significant achievement for PGxHealth and we look forward to working with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies to obtain coverage for our FAMILION tests,” said Jim Shaffer, vice president, sales and marketing of PGxHealth.