Medical device firm ClearLine MD has received CE mark approval for its IV product line.

The ClearLine IV system will avoid the entry of air into the vascular system during IV infusion by detecting air in the IV line by using ultrasound technology.

Later, the device removes the air, helping in the continuous flow of fluid.

ClearLine IV is said to protect patients against the dangerous intrusion of air through IV lines and long-term clinical complications such as extended hospital stays and medical liability costs associated with air embolisms.

The company noted that the approval expands its distribution network in European markets.

Over the next few months, the company is planning to launch the ClearLine IV System at hospitals in Benelux, Scandinavia and Switzerland.

An air embolism takes place when one or more air masses enter the circulatory system, resulting in blockage.

As per the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, air embolism is the second most serious and preventable adverse hospital event, and is a non-reimbursable, hospital-acquired condition.

ClearLine MD president and CEO Ann Bilyew said: "The CE Mark approval is a significant milestone for ClearLine MD and enables us to provide an improved standard of care to hospitals in the European Union.

“We are finalizing our initial product launch in the EU for the beginning of 2017.”

ClearLine MD is engaged in the evelopment and commercialization of medical devices, which protect patients against the dangerous intrusion of air in intravenous lines.