ClearDATA is set to provide a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based solution to merge and integrate diverse departmental PACS system medical images into a vendor neutral ClearDATA DICOM file format for improved handling, storing, printing, and transmission.

The company claims that PACS medical images in the ClearDATA cloud will reduce capital expenses and enable data and patient information to be accessed by providers from diverse locations.

In addition to image backup services, ClearDATA will provide database backup services using HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup.

HP StoreOnce B6200, which is now available with new HP StoreOnce Catalyst software, provides backup performance of up to 100 terabytes per hour and data recovery of up to 40 TB per hour in a single system, according to the company.

ClearDATA Networks CTO and founder David Jemmett said cloud storage is changing the way the healthcare industry views, distributes, backs up, and hosts DICOM images and PAC images.

"Currently, storing medical images is cumbersome, storage intensive, and requires a significant amount of equipment on the floor," Jemmett added.

"The ClearDATA Cloud VNA solution will significantly reduce hardware expenses, support, and maintenance costs for healthcare organizations and HIEs by moving those services to the cloud in our next generation data center."