ClearCorrect has entered into a collaboration agreement to integrate Objet's 3D printing systems as part of its mass-scale manufacturing of orthodontic aligners.

Under the agreement, ClearCorrect will use 3D printing systems to produce the plastic models which are then molded to create the clear aligners.

ClearCorrect said the plastic models are included along with the clear aligners, so that the doctors can use them as needed to fabricate replacement aligners if a patient lose or break an aligner.

Objet medical solutions head Avi Cohen said the company and ClearCorrect have worked together to implement its ultra-thin layer 3D printing solutions in the ClearCorrect production process.

"We expect this cooperation will increase overall manufacturing productivity and by bringing together the ClearCorrect system and technology with Objet’s 3D printing systems, we shall achieve top results for the benefit of users worldwide," Cohen added.