“Through research and development with surgeons in the field, Clarity Medical Systems has developed the HOLOS Barrett Intraocular Lens Formula, providing an exclusive, integrated solution focused on helping surgeons reliably achieve desired refractive outcomes,” said Mark Mellin, Clarity Medical’s President and CEO.

Graham Barrett, MD, Warren Hill, MD, and Douglas D. Koch, MD, developed the IOL formula exclusively for the HOLOS IntraOp.

The new IOL predictor formula incorporates elements from validated formulae used to calculate IOL power and adds aphakic data taken at the time of surgery to provide additional insight and accuracy of a patient’s refractive needs.

 The HOLOS Barrett IOL Formula is a featured upgrade within a comprehensive software update that includes recent enhancements to the graphical user interface, as well as other notable functionalities of the system.

“The HOLOS Barrett IOL Formula, paired with the capabilities of the HOLOS System, will provide surgeons with an invaluable tool during cataract surgery,” said Graham Barrett, MD. “This integration helps bring additional precision and accuracy to all procedures.”

The HOLOS Barrett IOL Formula is based on the Barrett Universal II, Barrett Rx Barrett True K, and Barrett Toric formulae. The rigorously tested and widely used Barrett Universal II formula provides surgeons a calculated IOL power for desired spherical equivalent and post-op outcomes using preoperative biometry measurements.

The Barrett Rx formula incorporates data from the Barrett UII, as well as the calculated effective lens position and planned refractive outcome to predict IOL power.

The addition of aphakic measurements acquired using the HOLOS IntraOp Wavefront Aberrometer provides unique data to further refine IOL power calculation and astigmatism measurement with the existing formulae.

HOLOS Wavefront Aberrometry provides cataract surgeons critical surgical information in real time, generating clear, continuous refractive data and assisting in the selection, insertion and rotation of IOLs, titration of limbal relaxing incisions and opening of arcuate incisions.

The easy to use intuitive operating system displays detailed refractive data as it changes during the phases of surgery, helping surgeons proceed with confidence at all stages of cataract removal and lens insertion.