Clarient, a premier technology and services resource for pathologists, oncologists and the pharmaceutical industry, has launched Insight Dx Mammostrat, a patented test designed to help quantify the likelihood of recurrence of breast cancer following surgery and initial treatment.

The Mammostrat test employs an optimal set of five biomarkers that are able to be identified visually on a patient’s tumor specimen by using a well-established technology, immunohistochemistry and the biomarkers are then analysed using a mathematical algorithm to generate an assessment of risk for cancer recurrence.

Clarient said by using the Mammostrat test pathologists, oncologists and patients can gain greater understanding of the aggressiveness of a patient’s disease and guide clinical management.

Mammostrat provides additional clinical information that cannot be obtained from routinely used prognostic factors. The Mammostrat test can be performed on small biopsy samples, and results are typically delivered in as little as 48-72 hours, thereby allowing more rapid treatment decisions.

Clarient vice chairman and CEO Ron Andrews said Mammostrat can be an important tool for clinicians assessing the aggressiveness of their patient’s breast cancer.

"Mammostrat results can provide clinicians important information to help select the appropriate therapeutic management for each individual patient," Andrews said.

"For patients, Mammostrat offers the confidence that the decisions being made to manage their breast cancer are based on the clinical characteristics of their specific disease using the most current validated technology available."