The acquisition enables CJPS to immediately offer complete electronic medical monitoring system to healthcare providers or family members on personal computers, phones or PDAs.

CJPS said that the acquired medical devices can be used by visiting nurses, family members or physicians in alternate sites such as long-term care facilities, nursing homes, doctors’ offices, specialized clinics, and ambulatory care vehicles.

Christophe Sevrain, CEO of CJPS, said: “CJPS’ new product is the most advanced vital signs’ monitor that is PC-based, and can monitor or measure temperature, fluid status, pulse rate, ECG, pulse oximetry, glucose, weight and blood pressure.

“The combination of the ability for caregivers to remotely monitor patients’ conditions and the ease of use with which the information is gathered and transmitted can reduce healthcare costs and help them focus on the most critical patients, helping healthcare providers optimize resources and provide care where and when patients need it most.

“This strategic acquisition is expected to strengthen our presence in the medical device market and more importantly, help reduce healthcare costs. By allowing more frequent patient virtual visits through remote patient monitoring, these products help enhance patients’ quality of life.

“Additionally, by helping health care providers become more efficient and facilitating more frequent remote medical data exchanges, we also help reduce overall costs for both patients and care providers.”