Radiotherapy solutions provider CIVCO Radiotherapy has agreed to distribute Medical Precision’s marking system to apply patient reference points exactly, easily and with less pain than the current patient marking systems.

Medical Precision BV was established by Annelies Maas-Kortenhorst and Roland Kortenhorst and is located in Zwolle, Netherlands.

CIVCO Radiotherapy will be the exclusive worldwide distributor of this unique technology and will unveil the system in October at the 2018 American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

This new system utilizes innovative technology to apply patient marking reference points in a controlled manner to a shallow depth in the patient’s upper dermis which results in less pain for the patient. These reference points will either completely fade over time or can be removed easily with a permanent make-up laser.

CIVCO Radiotherapy president Nat Geissel said: “CIVCO and Medical Precision BV continue to focus on both the comfort and long-term outcome of the patient. By providing a solution that is applied at a shallower depth and will fade or be easily removed, patients will experience less pain and, in the long term, will not have a permanent daily reminder of their treatment.”

Medical Precision chief operating officer and chief financing officer Roland Kortenhorst said: “We strongly recognized in CIVCO, and truly, in their entire staff, the same dedication to patient-centric thinking that is the core of our company. In addition to that, CIVCO’s global-leading position in collaboration with our new technology will help us successfully build a world-leading position for our product in the market for radiotherapy markings.”

Source: Company Press Release.