Circadiance, a developer of respiratory products, has launched a new soft cloth nasal mask to encourage patients to continue their positive airway pressure (PAP) therapy.

The SleepWeaver Elan, which requires no forehead support, features a soft cloth that forms a balloon-like air-tight seal that conforms to each user’s face without pressure points, sore spots, pinching, or leaving any red marks on the skin after wearing the mask all night.

The company said SleepWeaver Elan comes in five color options and is available in three sizes.

In addition, the new soft cloth nasal mask incorporates a built-in swivel connection which enable users to route the air supply hose in any direction, which allows them to sleep in different positions throughout the night.

Circadiance president and CEO David Groll said the company designed SleepWeaver Elan to satisfy an even wider range of the growing population of sleep apnea patients.

"By adding SleepWeaver Elan to our line of soft cloth nasal masks, we’re able to give PAP users a wider variety of choice and in an effort to improve patient desire to continue their PAP therapy," Groll added.