The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has announced the National Medical Devices Promotion Council in a move to strengthen the sector as well as make good quality medical devices accessible to everyone.

CII medical devices

Image: The new council will cater the needs of the Indian medical devices industry. Photo courtesy of jgmarcelino.

According to CII, the new council was established to cater the needs of the medical devices industry in the country.

The council will be operated under the Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy of India and will focus on strengthening manufacturing operations, attract investments as well as promote exports.

Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion Secretary will lead the council.

CII Medical Technology Division chairman Himanshu Baid was quoted by ET Healthworld as saying: “Time has come for the medical technology sector to have an exclusive promotion council that will safeguard the interests of the patients, industry and all stakeholders.

“We are looking forward to seeing strong Indian presence in the global medtech map in the next few years.”

Baid also noted that the council will offer an environment for the growth of the medical device industry in the country.

In addition, the council will start various initiatives such as holding seminars and workshops to receive industry opinions as well as understand best global practices.

It will also focus on exploring redundant processes and render technical assistance to the agencies and departments that deal with simplifying the approval processes involved in the sector.

CII Medical Technology Division currently has a network of more than major domestic and global medical device companies.