CHU Rennes has implemented LindaCare’s OnePulse software to streamline its clinical workflow and make implantable patient monitoring significantly more efficient.

“OnePulse’s triage system makes it easier for us to manage our patient alerts. We are able to treat the most at-risk patient first. The program helps to maximize our productivity,” said Professor Christophe Leclercq Of CHU¬†Rennes.

The OnePulse platform aggregates data from cardiac electronic implantable devices across all manufactures streamlining operational management of multitudes of patients.  The intuitive OnePulse dashboard combines and standardizes transmissions providing efficient workflow automation and seamless integration with electronic patient records.

Patient monitoring is a groundbreaking advancement in healthcare. Research indicates that remote monitoring of cardiac device patients reduces hospital readmissions and ultimately reduces healthcare expenditures across the continuum of care for patients living with chronic diseases.

“We are at the forefront of patient monitoring,” said Shahram Sharif, CEO and Founder of LindaCare. “OnePulse, is an integrated solution platform which aims to help physicians and nurses address the needs of their implantable device patients more efficiently and increase the quality of care. Bringing CHU Rennes on as a new customer helps strengthen our position, not just in the French marketplace but also globally.”

LindaCare, headquartered in Leuven, Belgium, is a scale-up company specialized in the development of integrated remote monitoring software solutions for chronic disease management.

Source: Company Press Release