Under the deal, OrtoPro is licensed to use proprietary Hydromer biofilm resistant coatings on various implantable orthopedic devices such as bone screws.

Previous test data has demonstrated the potential of Hydromer coating formulation in reducing the infection risk of such implants.

Ortopro said it will conduct additional biological and biocompatibility studies of the coating formulation to meet the regulatory requirements for approval in the Exclusive Territory of Turkey.

Hydromer executive vice president Martin von Dyck said Hydromer and Ortopro have been working together in addressing the vexing problem of infections associated with orthopedic implants which are difficult to resolve using conventional intravenous antibiotic therapy.

"In fact, often an infected implant must be removed or treated via another surgical procedure," Dyck added.

"It is our belief that the new Hydromer formula will mitigate this infection risk."