Christie Medical, formerly Luminetx Corp, has launched VeinViewer Vision, the third generation of VeinViewer technology. It provides clinicians with a non-invasive adjunct technology for various clinical treatments and procedures including IV insertions, PICC line insertions and routine venipuncture.

Christie Medical said that Vision uses near-infrared light and other patented technologies to project a digital image of patient vasculature directly onto the surface of the skin in real time.

VeinViewer Vision, able to fit in the palm of your hand, is anchored on a smaller and more mobile cart base, allowing for an optimal hands-free technique. Vision includes advanced VeinViewer technology that provides an improved depth of focus, a long-run battery for cordless use, and an Assess imaging suite with four distinct modes, including enhanced universal and fine detail modes and new inverse and resize modes to accommodate all patient needs.

VeinViewer, originally launched in 2006, is currently sold by Christie Medical through distribution partnerships in more than 40 countries.

George Pinho, president of Christie Medical Holdings, said: “Our third generation VeinViewer is a testament to carefully listening to the demands of our global customer base. We have enhanced everything that makes us the market leader and met every customer request head-on. Vision will continue the VeinViewer tradition of helping clinicians improve venipuncture procedures and patient comfort, while the facilities in which they work receive the benefit of reduced costs, time and unnecessary procedures.”