CHF Solutions has entered into a collaboration agreement with Daxor to assist in the management of patients with fluid overload.


Image: CHF Solutions collaborates with Daxor. Photo: Courtesy of IndypendenZ/

The collaboration agreement will explore potential synergies between CHF Solutions’ Aquadex FlexFlow system and Daxor’s BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer.

The company believes that the two technologies can be used together to assess a patient’s fluid volume status and assist in informing on the clinical management of a fluid overloaded patient.

The collaboration will initiate with a small clinical evaluation of the benefits of blood volume measurement and its potential to inform ultrafiltration therapy management with the company’s Aquadex FlexFlow system.

Published data has shown that 24% of fluid overloaded patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days and approximately 50% within six months.  The companies intend to determine synergies of using the BVA-100 to assist in informing clinicians on fluid volume status including patient selection, when to start ultrafiltration therapy, and how to manage therapy to achieve positive clinical results for patients.

CHF Solutions chairman and CEO John Erb said: “We believe that ultrafiltration with the Aquadex FlexFlow system is an essential component to effectively manage fluid overloaded patients who have failed diuretics.

“We believe that this collaboration with Daxor is another important building block of our strategy to evaluate diagnostic tools which may refine and maximize fluid management therapy.”

Daxor CEO Michael Feldschuh said: “Daxor seeks to supply healthcare providers with the means to improve heart failure treatment outcomes.  We feel that the combination of our precision diagnostic combined with Aquadex FlexFlow therapy for fluid overload may result in significantly improved patient care.

“We further believe that this relationship has tremendous potential to benefit patients and look forward to exploring the many benefits of working with CHF Solutions.”

Source: Company Press Release