CHERRY is a brand of ZF Electronics, has launched new washable computer input devices aimed at ultra-clean environments such as hospital operating rooms and both clean and dirty industrial areas such as automotive manufacturing plants, food and drink production areas and warehouses.

Recent new legislation (UK Health Technical Memorandum 01-05 dental infection control regulations) also makes these products particularly relevant to dental practices.

The CHERRY J84-2120, a backlit keyboard with an integrated pointing device, can be rinsed with cleaning and disinfection fluids, including strong hospital cleaning solutions.

To prevent data being sent while the keyboard is being cleaned, there’s a special lock-down mode, indicated by a brightly-lit ‘Clean’ key.

CHERRY MW-2800 series washable optical mice are compact and completely sealed in a silicon-based NEMA-4 rated casing.

They are impermeable to disinfectant and hospital cleaning fluids, sand and dust, and are useful in a wide range of medical and industrial environments.

ZF Electronics, an electronics components business acquired by ZF Group, develops and produces computer input devices, switches, sensor technology and controls for the automobile industry, as well as components for industrial devices and household goods.