Charisela Technologies, a manufacturer of advanced assays for flow cytometers, has begun shipments of its porcine and human insulin assay.

Charisela claims that the assay has many advantages over existing technologies, improving productivity.

Charisela said that the initial users are measuring secreted and total content of both porcine and human islet cells for research and transplantation trials seeking a cure for Type I diabetes.

Charisela founder Robert Danielzadeh said that their assay is faster, simpler, and more accurate than other products on the market and other products require several hours to run, require several dilution and wash steps, or are often run in duplicate or even triplicate.

“This added complexity takes time and often compromises the results and Charisela’s assay is ready for analysis in less than one hour and doesn’t require wash steps,” Danielzadeh said.

“The company examined each aspect of running assays and optimized each step of the process: preparation of the samples that didn’t require time consuming and error inducing dilution steps; a simple runtime procedure that required minimal steps and could be done in less than an hour; and quick, clear, easy to read results without the usual interpretation required by other methods.”