Medical technology firm Cephasonics has obtained CE mark approval for its cQuest Cicada subsystem, a 64-channel ultrasound front-end with AutoFocus beamforming technology.

The cQuest Cicada product line is a scalable and full-featured ultrasound platform, which provides better imaging for customers.

The Cicada product line starts with a 64-channel cQEngine hardware platform, and can be expanded to 256 channels.

Cephasonics CEO Richard Tobias said: "This is an important milestone and will allow us to accelerate our global commercialization strategy.

"Cephasonics offers a complete ODM network-enabled ultrasound solution to medical, industrial and research customers."

In October 2014, Cephasonics launched cQUB-1, the first product in a family of cQUB white-label ultrasound systems.

The cQUB-1 is a complete 64:192 (channels: multiplexed channels) ultrasound system with an integrated computer, and holds a connection on one end to an ultrasound transducer.

It will be displayed on devices such as tablets, laptops or PCs (clients) using the firm’s cQLink client/server wired or wireless technology.

The system can be configured for any setting, including pole mounting in either vertical or horizontal configurations.