Centric Medical, the Foot & Ankle division of Life Spine, which focuses on developing surgical implants for the treatment of distal extremity pathology announced today the commercial launch of its MTP Plating System.

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Image: Centric Medical launches MTP plating system, comprised of various plates, screws and other fixation components. Photo: Courtesy of CENTRIC MEDICAL, LLC.

This System is comprised of various plates, screws and other fixation components intended to stabilize bone segments for indications within the foot and ankle.

“Centric Medical’s MTP Plating System is an innovative, patient focused, system that is surgeon friendly and allows for flexibility in the treatment of those patients’ who require instrumentation in the mid and forefoot region,” said Timothy Fredrich, DPM of Certified Foot and Ankle Specialists in Chicago, Illinois.

The MTP Plating System joins Centric Medical’s full-line of product offerings, which consists of SATURN External Fixation System, TARSA-LINK Stand-Alone Wedge Fixation System, TARSA-LINK Bunion Correction System and ROGUE Hammertoe Correction System.

The MTP Plating System is designed to be constructed for each patient’s unique condition utilizing a variety of structural components and a set of simple instrumentation. The system offers plates that are low in profile and flush fitting screws. Built in compression slots offer 1.5mm of compression, generous window for ease of cross screws placement, 2.7mm and 3.5mm self-drilling, self-tapping locking and non-locking screw options.

Source: Company Press Release.