Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has become the latest site in the UK to use Biograph mCT (Molecular CT) from Siemens Healthcare in routine clinical service.

The new concept scanner combines CT technology with HD•PET to provide a new depth of information. It offers specific, detailed information about a patient’s disease state, including cell metabolism within tumours.

The Biograph mCT is the PET system that offers a uniform 2mm image resolution throughout the entire field of view. It will improve image quality and offers clinicians increased diagnostic confidence. It can also achieve five minute, whole-body PET scans and has a large bore and short tunnel for a more comfortable scanning experience for the patient.

Due to its dual functionality, the system can also be used as a combined molecular CT or as a standalone, high power CT scanner if required, saving the time, cost and space restrictions associated with multiple imaging installations.

The ability to visualise the metabolic functions of the body and the patient’s anatomy at the same time means diseased tissue can be more accurately located, ensuring the patient is given the most appropriate course of treatment.

Located within the Central Manchester Nuclear Medicine Centre, the hybrid Biograph mCT has been installed in a dedicated imaging suite to enhance the Nuclear Medicine service for patients from the Trust and beyond. It is being used in the management of cancer patients and from May 2010 it will also be used to fulfil cardiology service with rubidium to assess blood perfusion in the heart. There are also plans to develop specialist brain and paediatric imaging services.

Heather Williams, senior medical physicist for Nuclear Medicine at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We needed a PET•CT system that could perform efficiently and produce excellent results for a range of examinations including cardiology, neurology and oncology in adult and paediatric patients.

“The Biograph mCT ticks all these boxes and we now have a future-proof solution to meet evolving Trust and patient needs. The performance of the mCT to date has surpassed our expectations and we’re looking forward to demonstrating its capabilities for clinical applications and research.”

Lawrence Foulsham, product manager for molecular imaging and Oncology at Siemens Healthcare, said: “The Biograph mCT is the ultimate in imaging efficiency and is a next generation solution to today’s challenging health economy. With advanced CT capabilities and high-definition PET, its potential for making costs savings plus improving departmental efficiency is enormous.”