Amicas has entered into a new agreement with Central Kentucky Radiology. This agreement will allow Central Kentucky Radiology to use Amicas Financials to streamline their radiology billing and Amicas RIS to gain practice management efficiencies and to further improve service delivery effectiveness.

Amicas Financials, a Windows-based solution, provides CashFinder worklists to automate radiology billing. Amicas RIS drives administrative staff productivity and revenue opportunities.

In addition to Amicas Financials and Amicas RIS, Central Kentucky Radiology also uses the Amicas solutions like Amicas dashboards for on-demand business intelligence and Amicas documents for a comprehensive ‘paperless office’ solution, said the company.

Stephen Kahane, president, chief executive officer, and chairman of Amicas, said: “We are excited about our partnership with Central Kentucky Radiology. Radiology practices are facing unprecedented pressure on their operations as a result of competitive dynamics and reimbursement changes.

“Central Kentucky Radiology understands the value of partnering with a solution provider like Amicas to ensure that they run their practice at maximum possible efficiency and effectiveness.”

Bob Schmidt, chief executive officer of Central Kentucky Radiology, said: “Our radiology group knew we needed a new billing solution that would streamline all of our billing processes and eliminate unnecessary costs. We believe that the sophisticated capabilities of the Amicas solution will improve our revenue while reducing our operating costs, such that we expect to realize a positive return on investment within 24 months.”