The French Health Ministry has now approved reimbursement for the Zilver PTX thumbwheel delivery system.

The rotating thumbwheel system, which is available for purchase in approved markets across Europe, provides deployment for the world’s first drug-eluting stent for the superficial femoral artery (SFA).

The thumbwheel design features include an ergonomic handle that facilitates single-handed deployment and is available with stents up to 120 mm in length.

Zilver PTX received its initial CE Mark in 2009 and FDA approval in 2012.

5-year data proves that Zilver PTX when compared to Zilver bare-metal stents reduces restenosis and reinterventions.1

With its proven drug effect, Zilver PTX inhibits neointimal hyperplasia. 1,2

Paclitaxel helps maintain patency by working to prevent restenosis. 2

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