Centinel Spine's Stalif Midline integrated interbody fusion system has been implanted at Valley Hospital in Las Vegas by Orthopaedic Surgeon John Thalgott.

Stalif Midline is the latest in a series of anterior fusion devices developed, marketed and sold by Centinel Spine.

Centinel Spine said that the Midline alpha launch is expected to run through January 2011.

Centinel Spine chairman and CEO John Viscogliosi said that during the development of the Midline system, they have listened carefully to those surgeons familiar with Stalif TT system to determine what features were essential to the next generation of Integrated Interbody Devices.

“As a result, we were able to create the genuinely superior system reflected in Thalgott’s verdict,” Viscogliosi said.

Centinel president Michael Will said that they believe Thalgott’s favorable comments will be echoed by those surgeons choosing to use the system representing a successor to their Stalif TT and that system has been well accepted and widely used for the past 10 years.