US-based Centinel Spine has launched its new Stalif Family Lumbar Integrated Interbody fusion device, Midline II.

The device offers a solution to restore sagittal balance and lordosis, simplify Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) surgery and maximize opportunities for lumbar fusion, said Centinel.

MIDLINE II is the fusion device with compressive fixation that been proven to be biomechanically equivalent to a 360° fusion.

Centinel Spine CEO and president John Viscogliosi said: "Influenced by the success of Stalif Midline, Midline II marks the next generation of ALIF cages designed to facilitate the surgical procedure and provide better outcomes for patients.

"The addition of Midline II to our product portfolio is another step towards fulfilling Centinel Spine’s corporate mission of becoming the leader in anterior column support."

The change in the design of the medial screw hole configuration of Midline II allows surgeons to place the lateral screws more easily and facilitate overall fixation through reduction in the surgical envelope.

In order to facilitate ease of implantation and to better suit a varying patient population, the size offerings and geometric shape of the device have also been updated, according to Centinel.

The company plans to launch the device in early 2015.